High PR Social bookmarking sites list 2018

Social bookmarking is a free and premium way to bookmark your blog to get backlinks and exposure of your brands.In other words Social bookmarking sites are used to store interesting stories, articles and web pages.These sites pass some link juice to submitted site, although most of the sites use NO-FOLLOW attribute, but don’t worry, we at-least get social signal and huge traffic by submitting our blogs to these sites. Benefits of social bookmarking Fast Indexing:  These bookmarking websites helps for fast indexing of blog post/Article. Increase traffic: When you share your blog post/article or links, people read your bookmarked, when they … Continue reading

Facebook Application Paper free download

fb new apps,

Facebook announced new application for mobile user with name “paper”. This app covered news related to Sport, Cooking , Science from different authentic and trusted publisher. This application resembles to already available App “Flipboard” .Facebook claim that this application is user friendly. News stories will appear on full screen and without any distraction.It consist of nineteen section and User can subscribe feed according to their choice.  Facebook also include the preview section where you may see the demo of Status/picture before uploading to profile.User may swipe quickly left and right to see next and previous pictures and stories.You may just … Continue reading