List of Dofollow forums for authority backlinks and traffic

Dofollow forums

Forums are places where like minded experts share their experience, tips and tricks, solution of problems and new products for bloggers. In forums, You can ask any question related to your problem and can get solution within minutes. In forums you can share your blog to get dofollow backlinks and traffic. Some forum allowed dofollow attribute and some nofollow. You can add your site in the signature area, whenever you comment or a post new thread, visitors will see your signature and visit your site. In other words, forum posting is the best way to get dofollow authority backlinks and traffic. Here is list of Dofollow … Continue reading

How I got Free traffic from blog communities

Free traffic from blog communities

Having a blog and putting informative content on it could help you to get traffic from Search engine but it took time to get rank . To get good position in SERP and to make Google fall in love with your blog , we need proper on page and off page SEO of article to avoid penalty of Google. After proper writing and publishing the blog post ,we need to promote it. There are hundred of ways to promote you blog post. We can promote our article on social media like Facebook, twitter etc, we can use videos base website and … Continue reading

6 On-page SEO Tactics to Get Better in SERPs

SEO Tactics for bloggers,

The SEO industry has been so much competitive. Every day, someone in the world who is an SEO faces a new technical experience. If you search any query on Google then you get lots of competition and this competition is increasing day by day. So, optimizer are striving to get their website top rank in the SERPs. First of all, optimizer does’t need to be scared that their competitors are in thousands and even in millions. Just focus on the quality and SEO-friendliness of their website. Take the example of a 100 meter race. There are different rounds in this … Continue reading

3 ways to Get Penalized By Google

check google banned

Google is the world’s largest search engine and most trust worthy company. They have played an important role in making internet what it is today. There are millions and millions of web pages that are already indexed by Google and they are quickly indexing the new ones too. Google search engine can be a career make or break for your blog and it all depends upon you. If you work the way Google tells you to and give value to your reader then you’ll enjoy amazing benefits like tons of free traffic. On the other hand, if you somehow end … Continue reading

4 steps to Make Google Fall In Love With Your Blog

traffic from google

You can easily make Google fall in love with your blog and for those of you who think I’m joking it is time to get serious because I’m serious. I’m actually going to show you the steps to make that happen. Google is the ultimate traffic generator if used properly and that is the reason why every blogger is running behind it. Many people also try to take shortcuts and cheat the ranking systems of Google. All that makes Google a bit strict and harsh, but that doesn’t mean that everyone would get the same treatment. If you are working the right … Continue reading

4 Tips for better on-page SEO

full page seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is perhaps the most important thing for any blogger and that’s what can make or break his career. Many people don’t really understand SEO and that is why they consider it just one thing. But honestly it also has two different parts. And, in case we want to achieve great results from our efforts in search engine optimization, we should be working on both. Those two parts are; a) On-Page-SEO On page SEO is everything that you do with your article or post. It includes choosing and placing the right keyword and doing all similar things. … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Publish Daily

Article Publish Daily

Don’t let experts fool you by saying that you shouldn’t publish on your blog everyday. You might look at them and believe that they are right because their blogs are following the same thing. But you know what, they have worked for years and they used to publish many posts per day in their early days and now finally they are successful and posting daily or weekly doesn’t make much difference. But you are at the start and this is a time where hard work is required. And, hard work is not working whenever you want to work. It is … Continue reading

How to Get Your Guest Posts Approved Quickly

approval of guest posts

It is important to understand how to get your guest posts approved quickly because it is the best way to bring quality backlinks to your blog along with a good amount of traffic and readers. And, don’t listen to the rumors that some people are spreading around including Google itself that guest posting and backlink building are going to lose its importance because they won’t. Guest posting will remain as the best way to create backlinks for many more years. It might seem like an easy job to get your articles published on big blogs, but it is not. It … Continue reading

3 Ways To Create Content Quickly

quality content writing

Blogging is not a walk in the park and to become something big you need to write a lot of content on regular basis. If you are unable to create content quickly, you may quickly end up leaving blogging. There are so many bloggers out there who are publishing blog posts on consistent basis. And, if you don’t take steps right now and make yourself faster, you might be lost in the millions of blogs and no one will be able to find you. Hence, you need to create as much content as you possibly can while still maintaining its … Continue reading

Mistakes You Should Never Make as Blogger

Mistakes You Should Never Make as a blogger

As bloggers, we should never be afraid of making any kind of mistakes because that’s how we learn. We make mistakes again and again and yet again and then we learn how to make things work out. If we stop making mistakes, we actually stop learning. Hence, mistakes are not something to be ashamed off. But there are some mistakes you should never make as a blogger and there is no excuse for them. No matter in what condition or age you are as a blogger, these things are just unacceptable and you should try your best to stay as … Continue reading