High PR Social bookmarking sites list 2015

Social bookmarking is a free and premium way to bookmark your blog to get backlinks and exposure of your brands.In other words Social bookmarking sites are used to store interesting stories, articles and web pages.These sites pass some link juice to submitted site, although most of the sites use NO-FOLLOW attribute, but don’t worry, we at-least get social signal and huge traffic by submitting our blogs to these sites.

Benefits of social bookmarking

Fast Indexing:  These bookmarking websites helps for fast indexing of blog post/Article.

Increase traffic: When you share your blog post/article or links, people read your bookmarked, when they find it interesting they vote for it, the more vote, the more popular among the like minded people and the more traffic to your site.

Enhance visibility of you blog & brand awareness: When you submit your site on popular sites in front of millions of people, then you get more exposure of blog and help in brand awareness which ultimately helps to get new blog readers and customers.

Get more backlinks: By putting the site on high PR social bookmarking sites, then you get links not only from these sites but you also get links when people share your sites to their social media profile. Remember it happened only when they find your content interesting.

Note: Always prefer manual social bookmarking. Never used any software, Because Google crawler is more intelligent than your software. You can find many social bookmarking services on fiverr,  but be careful always choose manual work. Always prefer quality over quantity. Otherwise you site will penalized by Google bird.

Tips to use social bookmarking site for SEO

  • Never use a single Email on all sites. Create account with the different Email address.
  • Always complete your profile to look like a professional profile.
  • Always use different IP address while creating accounts.
  • Always use different Title, Description and tags for every post submission in different sites.
  • Always put your URL/POST in the related category to get more exposure.
  • Never spam 100’s of links on a single site using same account, otherwise site owner will suspend your account.
  • Never use the low quality scrap site to get backlinks. Always use high PR sites. (Prefer PR5 & above).
  • Never ever use any automatic submission tools. Always perform work manually.




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