How I got Free traffic from blog communities

Having a blog and putting informative content on it could help you to get traffic from Search engine but it took time to get rank . To get good position in SERP and to make Google fall in love with your blog , we need proper on page and off page SEO of article to avoid penalty of Google. After proper writing and publishing the blog post ,we need to promote it. There are hundred of ways to promote you blog post. We can promote our article on social media like Facebook, twitter etc, we can use videos base website and blog communities to get free traffic.Today we will discuss about blog these communities.

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What are blog communities?

Blogging communities are the place where you share your thought among the like-minded folks. Mostly communities are free but some offer premium account.No doubt premium accounts always have more features than free.But if you are newbie then you should go with free account to understand that how these sites work. These communities are established by bloggers on various targeted niches where many blog Authors share their published articles to get more exposure. Those are places that offered you to build up reputation among the other peers.Here you can get latest updates regarding any new trend that is being introduced or followed and the most important thing is that you can get new blog post idea for your blog.

What blogging communities can do for you?

As mentioned earlier, blogger communities are considered as one of the great source of increasing your blog traffic for free, but you need a little hard work to get exposure.After joining blogging communities, you need to complete your profile, you have to find out the category similar to your niche, then follow some famous blogger and their post to figure out that what they are doing and sharing to get more votes and shares.If you are new to any particular niche, then these communities could help you a lot. In fact, if you are giving a lot of time on daily basis (if you have nothing else to do 😆 ) then you can learn a lot of stuff regarding your selected niche easily. Plus these communities also help you in increasing your number of blogger friends. These friends can help you out in future regarding any particular problem that you might face because of being a newbie. So in short, you are just not getting free traffic from these sites but also ample amount of knowledge as well.

How these communities’ works:

The question that will be probably arising in your mind is how does these communities work and how these help us to get such huge amount of traffic. The answer is simple, by posting your blog on the community pages as well as commenting on the post that others are making. These two things are the key to get huge amount of traffic driven to your blog. The first thing that you will have to do is to submit your blog and get votes. The number of votes that you get will decide what position you will hold on the community page. For example if you get enough votes to make it to the first page of the community website,  there are more chances that you will get huge amount of traffic rather if you get fewer votes your blog might be placed on secondary pages of the community and there are less chances to get enough traffic.

The hint is there for you if you want to get traffic driven to your blog the post that you are making on your blogs must be of high quality and informative, so that more people should attract towards community for voting. The other secret to attract readers and promote your blog is to make friend on these websites, make a brief introduction to them, and then comment and vote up on the submission of other bloggers on the community page and ask them to do the same. This is a awesome way to get listed on first page.

Which blog communities are best to join?

Selecting the right blogger community is also important. One should just not only search about blogger communities and simply join them, you have to be careful that which blog community can give you the maximum benefit in minimum time, as time is money. First of all find out free traffic communities and find out how much folks are active. Select some of these and join them. Now you have to be very active on those communities as well so as to know what is best for your blog and what not. Below are mentioned top blogging  communities that one should join in order to get free traffic and knowledge.



You might find it a bit difficult in the beginning to blend in within those communities but once you get yourself comfy, you not only get valuable information and traffic, but later you also become an important member of that community when you get a sufficient amount of experience. So joining these communities is beneficial from every aspect. But if you don’t join them, then defiantly you are losing a good opportunities. So stop waiting and searching , just start joining and enjoy hell of traffic.

There are hundreds of communities available on the internet that will help you to get traffic but you shouldn’t try to register in all of them. First try many communities and then choose a few who are more active and focus on them. You would definitely see the remarkable change in your blog traffic if you use a good strategy.

Let me know, Did i miss any community and also tell me which community is more effective for you in sense of traffic ?? 

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