3 ways to Get Penalized By Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine and most trust worthy company. They have played an important role in making internet what it is today. There are millions and millions of web pages that are already indexed by Google and they are quickly indexing the new ones too. Google search engine can be a career make or break for your blog and it all depends upon you.

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If you work the way Google tells you to and give value to your reader then you’ll enjoy amazing benefits like tons of free traffic. On the other hand, if you somehow end up making Google angry, you’ll have to suffer from sever consequences and one of those can be getting permanently penalized. And, keep in mind that blogs and websites that are penalized by Google rarely recover from that blow.


Hence, it is important for us to properly understand the things that make Google angry and here they are.


Note: The purpose of this article is to make things clear and help you understand the things that can get your penalized or banned. It is up to you to avoid all these bad things and keep yourself and your blog safe.


  1. Don’t Let Spiders Crawl In:

The easiest way to annoy Google is by not letting its spiders crawl your web pages. Spiders are automated bots that are sent by Google to index your web pages and those bots are responsible for indexing all those millions of pages. Yes, those bots can’t understand your words and they can only read it, but they are very smart. You can call them blind but smart for fun J .


If you stop them from getting into your blog or make the process of page indexing painful, Google is sure to start hating you. If spiders are unable to properly crawl your pages, Google will ultimately stop sending any traffic to your blog.


And, if you decided to stop Google bots after some of your pages were indexed, then Google is sure to penalize or even ban your blog.


  1. Build Backlinks Using Blackhat Tricks:

When search engines started and people came in blogging, it was hard to figure out which website or blog was better than others. Slowly but steadily the ways started to form. Google started ranking websites based on the amount of backlinks they received from all over the web.


A website/blog with over 40,000 links was always considered superior to the one with just 1,000. Hence, people used to do anything they could to increase the amount of links pointing to their blogs. Many spammers started to game the system and Google was left with no choice, but to change that thing.


As of today, backlinks from high quality related sites are the only way to improve your search engine rankings.

Google continues to make more changes just to keep things real and informative and also make it hard for spammers to do their dirty work. And, Google is also developing new strategies to decide which pages are fake and owned by spammers.


Hence, if you start to build backlinks to your blog using blackhat tricks, Google will ultimately have no choice but to ban you. This is because they are on a mission to make a spamming free search engine that helps all of people. That is why they always care more about searchers and less about bloggers and webmasters.


  1. Steal Content From Other People:

Another quick way to shut the door of Google traffic on your blog is by copying the content of other people. As we know Google is the smartest company in the world, it is not an easy job to successfully cheat them. Many people try but all of them fail.


Plagiarism is one of the most hated things by Google and they are very quick and accurate about tracking it. Hence if you copy content from some other blogger, you can get penalized by Google very easily even if the blogger you stole the content from doesn’t know about it.

Google does that job itself because it is necessary for improving the quality of content of the web.


In case you really want your blog to suffer and be penalized, you can simply do any of these things. However, if you are willing to make a name for yourself using your blog or website, then just stay away from all these things and try to avoid them at all costs.


How was this post? Are you doing any of these things already? Or you have done something in past? Throw the hesitations away and let the world hear your voice. I do all of this stuff for my readers like you and that is why your opinion matters a lot to me. I’d very happy to see your response about this post. Happy blogging.

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