4 steps to Make Google Fall In Love With Your Blog

You can easily make Google fall in love with your blog and for those of you who think I’m joking it is time to get serious because I’m serious. I’m actually going to show you the steps to make that happen.

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Google is the ultimate traffic generator if used properly and that is the reason why every blogger is running behind it. Many people also try to take shortcuts and cheat the ranking systems of Google. All that makes Google a bit strict and harsh, but that doesn’t mean that everyone would get the same treatment.

If you are working the right way and doing things that Google wants you to do, you are sure to get the love from this search engine and unlike what most bloggers and webmasters believe, Google cares about the people creating, designing and managing the web and producing content for it.

  1. Understand How Google Works:

The first and most important step is to actually understand exactly how Google search engine works. This is because you can’t take any of the steps that are given below if you don’t really know how Google works in real. You can read Ebooks and prolonged guides that are all available online, but still I’m going to explain a little bit.

a)      Google sends its bots that are also known as Spiders all over the web to crawl new pages to be indexed or update the already indexed ones.

b)      Google bots frequently visit already developed and very new blog because that is where the most fresh content is expected.

c)      After Google has collected all the pages, it indexes them and uses a special system to understand how to rank all those pages.

d)     That system looks at different things as parameters such as Backlinks and social media popularity and other things like that.

e)      Then Google ranks pages for specific keywords, the keywords that Google thinks are perfect for that page.

f)       When people search for that keyword, your blog appears on appropriate position this can be anything from page 1 to page 1,000000.

That’s how it all goes down.

  1. Work For The People:

After you have got your pages indexed, now it is time for doing something that most people hate. Yes, you have to start working for the people. If you don’t add value and work for people and serve them, there is no way Google is ever going to give you any respect. Hence, make sure that you truly do things for The People and not for blind search engine bots.

This will probably give you more than one benefits. It is obvious that you will start to get more traffic from search engines, but you’ll also enjoy more sales, subscribers and returning visitors.

So, right now please rise up to your seat and put your hand over your heart and say in a loud clear voice “We The People” and start serving them. Just kidding 

  1. Be The Best You Can Be:

And, now that you are determined to help people and be there for them to solve all of their problems, just try to be the best you can. In simple words, work as hard as you can to produce quality content. The pieces of content that people enjoy reading and get help from.

It’s a weird thing and most bloggers are confused if they should entertain people or help them. The answer and solution to that confusion is that you have to do both at the same time. You have to help people in such a way that they enjoy the time while you are telling them how they can improve themselves.

  1. Build Backlinks From Related Sites:

Now that time is changing and Google is about to start a new era of internet, the only backlinks that work is from highly related high quality sites. Hence, try to build as many as you can with a steady speed because high speed building can make you look like spammers.

Backlinks are a way for search engines to decide which sites should be ranked higher than others. Every backlink is a vote of trust for your blog which tells search engines that you have a high quality blog with great content.

Final Words:

It is just that simple to become Google’s beloved blogger. Yes, these steps require a lot of hard work, determination and patience but at least you know what you have to do to get the things you want.

Now that you have seen all these simple steps, what are your plans for future? Do you think it would be easy to get Google on its knees for your blog or you believe that it is going to be a whole lot difficult? Like always, I’m anxiously waiting to see your response. Happy blogging.

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