How to Get Your Guest Posts Approved Quickly

It is important to understand how to get your guest posts approved quickly because it is the best way to bring quality backlinks to your blog along with a good amount of traffic and readers. And, don’t listen to the rumors that some people are spreading around including Google itself that guest posting and backlink building are going to lose its importance because they won’t. Guest posting will remain as the best way to create backlinks for many more years.

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It might seem like an easy job to get your articles published on big blogs, but it is not. It takes skills and experience to create posts that expert bloggers love. Hence, you need to follow some rules and regulations to make those blogger so happy that they have no choice but to approve your post.

I’m going to give to list some of those methods below and I’m hopeful they will help you a lot.

1. First Impression Matters:
Big bloggers get hundreds of requests of guest posts on daily basis and most of them are by spammers. Hence, it is nearly impossible for them to guess which one is real and which one is fake. Those bloggers can understand the reality of request just by reading first one or two lines.

Hence, if you want your posts to be approved, respected and appreciated, never ever underestimate the importance of guest post proposal. This is because that is where you are making your very first impression and we all know that first impression has a lot to do with what someone thinks about anyone for a long time. That’s why you cannot ignore it.

Try to be original, but professional and don’t write the request just like everyone else does. Do it in your style and type like you are talking to that blogger face-to-face and don’t lie about anything.

If you have never seen his blog before, don’t say you are his big fan or you have been reading his blog from a long time. These things just don’t work anymore. Just be original and say what you want to say.

2. Read and Read And Read:
A guest post filled with errors is just unacceptable and almost all bloggers send such pieces to the trash. You are writing for a blog that is better than your blog and definitely has a bigger and better audience. Hence, try to read your article as many times as you possibly can. Try to make its formatting easy to read and keep paragraphs short, but sweet.

And, I’m saying again that try to read it more and more to reduce the chances of any mistakes because as said in the point #1, first impression matters a lot. Just never make any stupid mistakes and check your spellings twice because bad spellings make any writer look very bad.

3. Add Links If Needed:
It might not seem like a magical trick, but to be honest, it works like a charm. Any article that has references wherever appropriate is very amusing to read. Hence, if you just add links where you feel like you should and articles that you are linking to are not yours then it can put a great impression not only on post editor, but also the reader.
Also keep one more thing in your mind that don’t overdo it. Everything is good if kept in the middle hence, don’t increase the limits.

4. Deliver More Than Expectations:
Everyone wants more and more and more. And, when we get more than we expected, it feels really great. If we get just a little bit of extra from a shop during our visit to the market, we always tend to go there again because they made us happy. The same thing works in case of blogging and of course content writing and guest posting.

Alright so you promised that you would write a 1,000 words article and then you send one with 950 words. Now there are just 50 words less than what you said but it can create a bad image. Consider taking the article to 1100 words and then you will see the magic happening.

And, delivering more than expectations is not just limited to words count. It applies to everything. For example you can add extra images or add some suggestions and anything that can be helpful.

Final Words:
You can get your guest posts approved at any blog, but getting it done quickly is what we should be looking for. Building backlinks using guest posting is a sensitive thing and you should wisely chose the blogs to submit your articles.

Now how are you planning to improve your search engine rankings? And, was this post helpful for you? Is there anything else you would like me to add into the article? Take a moment to tell the world about it.

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