Mistakes You Should Never Make as Blogger

Mistakes You Should Never Make as a blogger

As bloggers, we should never be afraid of making any kind of mistakes because that’s how we learn. We make mistakes again and again and yet again and then we learn how to make things work out. If we stop making mistakes, we actually stop learning. Hence, mistakes are not something to be ashamed off. But there are some mistakes you should never make as a blogger and there is no excuse for them. No matter in what condition or age you are as a blogger, these things are just unacceptable and you should try your best to stay as far away from them as you possibly can. Here are some mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Copy/Paste:

I don’t think there is a better way to start this list than by directly targeting the copy cats. The world is becoming so smart with every day passing and Google is the world’s largest company and we depend on it for our numerous daily tasks.

 They have the smartest people from all over the world as their team to ensure that people get what they want without running into any troubles. How in the world do you think you can outsmart such a company? You think you will keep copying content and no one including Google will ever notice? This doesn’t work out that way.

There is no way to succeed without creating your own work, working on your own ideas and creating your products. And, you need to understand it as soon as you possibly can because you might be in hot water any time in future if you don’t.

If you cannot write, don’t write. The world won’t come to an end if you don’t add another blog into blogosphere. And, if you want to make money online, get into something that doesn’t require that much of writing. For example you can become a designer or something like that. But copy/pasting is not solution of any problem. And, in fact it is the causes many other problems to take birth.

  1. Bulk Backlinks Building:

It is not 2008-09 anymore where the number of backlinks is somehow more important than the quality of backlinks. Now we are in 2014 and this is the beginning of a new era in the world of internet.

As of now, quality matters and only that matters. You can get page rank 3 with just 3 links or you won’t get page rank 1 even with 10,000 backlinks. It depends on the quality of backlinks.

In simple and sweet words, the links coming from highly related high quality sites are what results in good page rank. Hence, you should stop building backlinks like spammers now because those links might start to hurt your blog instead of benefiting it.

  1. Not Submitting Sitemap:

Google has millions and millions of sites to keep track of and it is not an easy thing for it to crawl new blogs and websites and index them. Hence, you are the one who is supposed to help Google. Create a sitemap of your blog/website and submit it to Google so it can easily index your pages.

Even if you don’t submit your sitemap, Google will somehow reach to your blog and index it but it can take months of time. And, then the same amount of time will be required for indexing your each and every single post.

Can you take such a thing? I don’t think anyone would want that happening to his/her blog. That is the reasons why I suggest you to sign into your Google Webmaster tools and submit a sitemap.

There are plugins that can help you create one. Out of those plugins, Google XML Sitemaps and SEO by Yoast work best.

  1. Creating Crap:

There are millions of blog out there that are being updated frequently and many new ones are joining the race too. Do you think you can survive in such environment even for a short amount of time? No! There is no way.

 As I said in the start, never be afraid of making mistakes because that’s a good way to learn. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle yourself for dirty stuff and start creating content that can be called “absolute garbage”. I used that line to encourage you hence, don’t take it as an excuse to do whatever you think you should do.

Always try to create the best you possibly can and then and only then expect good things to happen.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes in your career in early days? Or are you still making some? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Also if you liked the article, try to share it with your friends and you can also subscribe to our feeds to make sure you miss nothing in future.


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