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Bluehost vs Dreamhost are the two most talked about hosting companies all around the internet. And, since both companies are pretty good at what they do many people end up scratching their head because they don’t know what to do. This is article is for such people.
bluehost and dreamhost full review

You see, when it comes to web hosting, we always try to find the cheapest company, but we still expect high quality stuff from them. That is just a stupid human nature. Instead of going that way, we should understand that we only get what we pay for in the this world. That means if you pay cheap rates, you not only get, but you deserve cheap services. And, yes this doesn’t apply on everything, but most of the stuff in this world works like that.

Today I am going to compare both these companies and when we reach at the end of this article, there would be one undisputed winner and that is exactly what we would recommend you to go with.

1. Speed:
Bluehost offers lightning fast hosting service and many people believe that there is no other company that gives better results than Bluehost if you are willing to use WordPress as your blogging platform. They have been tested by many people against many web hosting companies and 80 out of 100 times they have won.

Dreamhost also has an impressive speed and ironically that has caused many people to stay with them for more time than even Dreamhost team ever expected. They are good at speed, but they still require a lot of work to reach the levels of [sws_custom_underline_hyperlinks link_type=”http://” link=”” link_name=”Bluehost” line=”dotted” border_width=”1″ space=”0″ text_color=”4561d1″ line_color=”23962a” bkgcolor=”” hover=”hover2″] [/sws_custom_underline_hyperlinks]  because they are still far behind.

Points: Bluehost 1, Dreamhost 0,

2. Customer Support:
There is a saying in bloggers and webmasters that if you want to see how good a hosting company is, just see how quick they are at helping out their customers. Bluehost is proud of their fast and talented customer support team and they brag about it every time they get the chance.

Dreamhost customer support sucks. That is just plain and simple and that might hurt some people, but I don’t care about that because I say what is right and what is true. They are no where near as good as Bluehost.

Points: Bluehost 2, Dreamhost 0,

3. Reputation:
Bluehost is the largest, most popular and most trusted web hosting company in the world. That line alone is good enough to represent the company and tell anyone what they are. Bluehost is one of the few companies that have never scammed any of their customers and that is the reason why almost every blogger/webmaster respects the company and suggests it to others.

In short, Bluehost has a phenomenal reputation and they are probably never going to be beaten by anyone in years to come.

Dreamhost on the other hand doesn’t have that much to brag about when it comes to reputation. It is true that they host a big number of websites, but to be honest, people don’t really trust them and most of the bloggers have never heard their names which is quite opposite in case of Bluehost. Hence, it is quite obvious that Dreamhost doesn’t stand a chance against Bluehost.

Points: Bluehost 3, Dreamhost 0,

4. Features:
Do you like to be limited? Of course you don’t and no one likes limits and restrictions. If you are like that too, you are going to love Bluehost. Yes, they charge a fixed price, but they give unlimited features in unlimited amount. That means that you can use as much bandwidth as you want and store as many files as you possibly can at Bluehost server and no one will come to you and warn you about it.

Just like the point number 1, Dreamhost is pretty good when it comes to giving features to customers, but again they are not as good as Bluehost. They are almost new and need a lot more work and buzz before being able to beat the number one company.

Points: Bluehost 4, Dreamhost 0,

And, there we have it. Bluehost beats Dreamhost by 5-0 and we strongly suggest you to go with the best web hosting company in the world. That is what’s best for you and your blog.

I am not saying that Dreamhost is a bad company or you shouldn’t use it, but the fact is they are newer than Bluehost which means they have less fans and audience. As the time advances, maybe one day Dreamhost would become better than Bluehost.

We still want you to speak out and say whatever you want to say about this article. We never delete comments just because they don’t agree with what we write because we are not cowards. You are always welcomed to comment.

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